WordPress Vs HTML Website: Which one to choose?

WordPress labels itself as the best place to build a personal blog or business site. And it is true! With millions of users, premium plans and an easy user interface, WordPress websites have become a favourite among many bloggers well as entrepreneurs looking forward to grow their online business. So if you are a newbie wondering whether to go for HTML or word press, then you have landed on the right page to erase all of your doubts. Here’s a comparison between both to help you select the correct option:

  1. Search engine optimization
    If you are making a website, bigger chances are that you want people visiting it also. And that usually happens when you site gets indexed by Google and start making appearance in its search engine. Since word press integrates SEO with its platform, the search stats for your website increases by many folds. It also has many additional SEO based features that are quite easy to use and also customizable. Matt Cutts himself says that he finds WordPress as an ideal platform for SEO based activities. With HTML, you will have to learn about the SEO practices and then sync them with your website. It is a time consuming task where in you can spend that time on other activities for your site or blog. This means WordPress is definitely the choice here.
  2. Security
    As with other platforms, how secure your website is mostly depends on you. With WordPress, you need to ensure that you use the latest plugins so as to not compromise on your site’s security. While most of them are free, some of them are available only for premium use. HTML websites are certainly tougher to hack as one coding has been done individually here. HTML sites provide extra layer of reliability with this. You must also see that you are using the best web hosting service like Go daddy. If not, get one today at affordable prices with godaddy coupons available on coupons websites.
  3. Plugins
    Wordpress has a total of 36,000 plugins with many more in progress. With so many plugins available, it is extremely easy to get on with business without any interruptions. The plugins are simple to install and use. From adding popular posts to increasing website’s security, adding forms to adding images, embedding videos to displaying page count; it all happens in a blink of an eye. With HTML sites too, you can get the same but extra work will be required owing to individual coding. So again WordPress scores over HTML here. Your web service provider can make a lot of things easier for you. So choose a quality one and that too at discounted rates with bigrock coupons found on coupons website that let you indulge in double savings.
  4. Updates and user friendliness
    Even from these perspectives, Word press has got extra points. With little coding involved, Word press makes itself as the ultimate choice for using and updating content and other widgets easily. HTML websites involves programming codes making itself a difficult option for ones who aren’t into coding.

With WordPress scoring over so many aspects i.e. from plugins to user friendliness, updates to security, search engine optimization to design; it is clear that it WordPress is the winner here.