iphone accessories – iPhone Hitcase Pro

What is Hitcase pro ?

It is waterproof and shockproof protector for iphone 4/4S & iphone 5.

Why To Use This?

1. Wide angle lens for camera.

It has wide angle lens with which you can take professional quality photos and videos. It expands the view of iphone camera effectively.




2. Waterproof

It is waterproof case up to 10m i.e. now you can use your iphone in water also. It is the deepest of any touchscreen capable iPhone case on the market.







3. Mount System

It also have mount system. By using mount system you can mount your hitcase & feel free to do anything you want.

There are many types of mount system available which can be purchased separately from there web store.




4. Apps

There are many apps for iPhone which can be used with Hitcase. But there have there own app named Vidometer which overlays your speed, altitude, shock, and G-Force on top of your videos. This app can be installed from app store for free.



What is cost of Hitcase pro ?

It is available at cost of US $ 129.99.

Hitcase Pro & Other accessories can be purchased from there official web store : http://store.hitcase.com/

 Videos & Photos :

Video By iGyaan

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