Working with NuGet in Visual Studio 2010

What is NuGet?
It is extension for visual studio by which we can easily add, remove & update libraries & tools in Visual Studio Projects.When we add any library , NuGet copies files to the solution,also it makes necessary changes to app.config or web.config & adds references.When we remove the library then it removes all related referances & reverses changes so that no error comes in solution.
NuGet provides a quick and easy way to add features to an existing application while ensuring that those features are integrated into source control. After installing a library, you can commit changes to your source control repository, and then another developer can perform a get operation against the repository in order to start working with the new features.

How NuGet Works?
Everything necessary to install a library or tool is bundled into a package (a .nupkg file). A package includes files to copy to your project and a manifest file that describes the contents of the package and what needs to be done to add or remove the library. Packages are bundled into feeds that Visual Studio accesses in order to present lists of available packages.
Nuget provides two ways to work with packages, via console or graphical window. While the graphical window is easiest, the console window is more powerful. You can now quickly add project references to many available packages via the NuGet service.

How to download NuGet?
Click Here to download NuGet.

How to Install NuGet?
We can install it Visual Studio Extension Manager.To check if your copy of Visual Studio already has the extension, look for Library Package Manager in the Tools menu of your copy of Visual Studio.

If you dont have then click Here to download.

Double Click on the extension which is downloaded.

Click on install & it will be installed.

For More Document releated to NuGet Click Here

Have a look at the sample video which explains that what NuGet can do :

How to uninstall NuGet?
Run visual studio as Administration.
Go to Tools -> Extension Manager.
there you can find “NuGet Package Manager” & there will be uninstall button.
We can uninstall it from there.